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“One emotional and vivid customer story is far more persuasive than a data dump in 85 PowerPoint slides.”​​

– Carmine Gallo,
The Storyteller’s Secret


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“Stories are not just stories; they are the best invention ever created for delivering mental models that drive behavior.”​​

– Daniel Coyle,
The Culture Code

About Me

Rigor, accuracy, humor, and the power of business storytelling:

My purpose is to help your business cultivate long-term, profitable customer relationships. Successful marketing begins, not by pitching a solution, but by creating trust. Clarity, accuracy, authenticity and humor (when appropriate) help people understand complex issues and make informed decisions. That’s good for everyone!

More to the point, it’s good for your business. By sharing useful insights and moving customer stories, you show that you’re not just trying to push people into buying something—you care about your customers and your industry. I take that off your shoulders, making your business more memorable, more credible and ultimately more profitable.


“John has been an extremely reliable and trustworthy writer for our publication. I highly recommend him.”

– Steve Porter, Editor, InnovatioNews

“John’s stories are fun and informative and have hit the mark with our readers.”

– Joe Ross, Editor, Thirst Colorado

“I have been most pleasantly surprised by how John’ s sense of humor appears in my company blog posts. It’s completely perfect for our audience.”

– Angel Kwiatkowski, Founder, Cohere



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