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We help B2B companies and social enterprises shorten their sales cycles, win high-value clients and achieve greater impact.


We do that by clarifying their value proposition and writing content that makes them more memorable, more credible and ultimately more profitable.

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“One emotional and vivid customer story is far more persuasive than a data dump in 85 PowerPoint slides.”

– Carmine Gallo,
The Storyteller’s Secret



Content Marketing

Storified Marketing/Business Storytelling

“Stories are not just stories; they are the best invention ever created for delivering mental models that drive behavior.”

– Daniel Coyle,
The Culture Code

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About Us

John Garvey, founder and chief storytelling officer

Clarity, authenticity, humor, and the power of top-shelf content marketing:

We help B2B companies win clients they love doing business with using crystal clear, authentic copywriting and memorable stories.

Businesses that follow through on their promises and keep their clients’ best interests top-of-mind deserve to thrive. Unfortunately, would-be clients turn away from good companies every day because their first impression is confusing or boring.

We’re first impression specialists. We get your messaging crystal clear so people understand, at first glance, what you do and why they should care.

We’re content specialists. We write blogs, email marketing campaigns, video scripts, website copy and moving stories about how you’ve helped clients succeed.

The result? You’re more memorable, more credible and ultimately more profitable.

Don’t come across as just another vendor. With clear messaging and content that helps people make informed choices, people will see you as a trusted partner.


“John has been an extremely reliable and trustworthy writer for our publication. I highly recommend him.”

– Steve Porter, Editor, InnovatioNews

“John’s stories are fun and informative and have hit the mark with our readers.”

– Joe Ross, Editor, Thirst Colorado

“I have been most pleasantly surprised by how John’ s sense of humor appears in my company blog posts. It’s completely perfect for our audience.”

– Angel Kwiatkowski, Founder, Cohere



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