Connect with clients you love and achieve greater impact through stories that establish a shared purpose.

What inspires you that also inspires your clients?

What pisses you off that also pisses off your clients?

50 percent of branding is being able to answer these two questions. Think about it:

You’re an entrepreneur because you recognized that the accepted way of doing X actually sucks. That’s obvious to you, but people are maddeningly resistant to change. Does that piss you off? Good! That means we’re inspired and annoyed by the same things.

I make your life easier, save you time, and make your marketing blossom. 


Quit bashing your head against a keyboard. That’s my job. I’m a nerdy marketing copywriter who helps businesses grow through more effective use of language.


Convey your true impact with moving stories and an elegant, unifying statement of purpose.


I create well-researched, authoritative content marketing centered on your clients’ needs and aspirations.

I get your messaging crystal clear and write top-shelf copywriting that speaks to your clients’ needs and aspirations, making you more memorable, more credible and ultimately more profitable.

“John is very easy to get along with and work with. He knows when to push me for content, but he also understands how busy his clients can be and he works well independently.”

- Ryan Parks, Marketing Manager

Working with me is easy:

2) Build a Plan

If we’re a good match, Garvington Creative will build a marketing plan tailored to your business.

3) Wheels Up!

Once approved, I carry out the plan while you focus on making your clients happy.

“It’s always a special treat to have John writing on my pages.”

- The internet

A Few of my Happy Clients:

7-Point Checklist for Websites that Convert

Building a business website can be a drawn-out, frustrating process.  And all too often the end result is a site that looks nice but doesn’t make you money.  Don’t let this happen to you!

This guide will help you:

  • Save time and money on website development by setting clear parameters at the outset
  • Increase engagement and conversions from first-time visitors
  • Identify practical, quick fixes that don’t require a complete site overhaul
  • Win high-value clients with a professional and focused first impression, & more…