Marketing “Sword Sharpening” Workshop

Congratulations. You’re taking the first step to marketing that slays.


Concise language and empathy are central to any great brand. They replace noise with clarity, cold rhetoric with feeling. If you don’t market with concision and empathy, it’s like your brand is wearing frumpy jeans.

Unfortunately, we all fail at this now and then. We get too close to our work to explain it clearly to clients.

The good news is that clearer, cleaner, more enticing messaging rarely requires a marketing overhaul that takes months (like cutting two belt sizes). Whatever kind of business you run, there are probably 3 – 5 simple changes you can implement that will make your brand much more memorable and enticing. … Like new jeans that fit just right.

We’ll spend 1 hour together dialing in on what matters most to your business. Then you’ll get 3 – 5 written action items you can implement without my help. What does that mean?

  • First-time website visitors will be more engaged and return more frequently
  • You’ll get more responses from your sales letters and fliers
  • Your ads and landing pages will get more conversions

While valuable in itself, this session is also a logical first step for more extensive work, based on your priorities, should you need it.

Get your brand out of those frumpy jeans.

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