About Garvington Creative

At some point in my childhood, I realized being a ninja wasn’t a viable career option. Such is life.

There are things from childhood we outgrow and others we simply come to neglect.

But nobody really outgrows a love of stories. We just tend to neglect it.

That’s a problem for businesses trying to communicate value.

John Garvey, Chief Storytelling Officer

The human brain interprets the world through stories. There is no more effective way of communicating value. Too many good businesses fail because they don’t recognize this.

I help purpose-driven founders elevate their marketing through storytelling, humor, and clear strategic messaging.


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Bringing together business impact and belly laughs through story-driven marketing.

Marketing is basically about using words to express ideas and provide direction. I’m a nerd from a nerdy family. I get words!

Branding is about communicating purpose. A great brand gives its customers a sense of shared purpose. Ergo, there are two questions at the heart of a great brand:

  • What inspires you that also inspires your clients?
  • What pisses you off that also pisses your clients off?

Once you can answer those questions succinctly, you and your audience have a shared purpose. A story that establishes a shared purpose with your customers will create an enduring connection. It means you don’t have to compete on price. It means less hustling for new business.

Too many businesses are held back by humdrum marketing. Don’t be one of them.

All theory and philosophy aside, I know two things about you: You want your marketing to work and you don’t want it to feel like rocket science. If you hire me, you’ll be satisfied on both counts.

Warm regards,

John Garvey
Principal and Chief Storytelling Officer
Garvington Creative

Stories are not just stories; they are the best invention ever created for delivering mental models that drive behavior.