Company Profiles and BrandScripts

Company Profiles, BrandScripts, and BrandScript Critiques

Every firm stands to benefit from a simple script that explains its purpose, the way it acquires clients and what clients stand to lose by not working with them.  The script is a half-page spiel that incorporates all the elements of business storytelling to explain what you do more fully.  Those elements include:

  • The Character (those you do business with or aspire to do business with)
  • The Problem (the overarching challenge you help people overcome)
  • A Guide (you—a competent, empathetic guide)
  • The Plan (a roadmap with a clear sequence for doing business with you)
  • A Call to Action (a clear first step embedded in the site)
  • Success (a visualization of a successful resolution or outcome)
  • Failure (an alternative that restates what’s at stake)

Like the one-liner, your Brand Script provides direction internally and can be repurposed in a variety of ways: The About page of your website, collateral for trade shows, LinkedIn profile statements, and internal marketing to provide direction and clarity.  Once the foundation is in place, We’ll help you with implementation, because at the end of the day it should have practical value.

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