Core Values

Core Values

“Anything worth doing is worth doing with all your heart.”

– The Dhammapada


All language either helps or misleads people trying to solve problems, understand issues or satisfy needs. Language either dispels or reinforces misconceptions, strengthens or erodes relationships. It’s either authentic or inauthentic, truthful or deceptive.

In that sense, language is never neutral.

I obsess about quality and take pride in every piece of content I create. If I’m not the right match for you I won’t take your money and, furthermore, I’ll try to refer you to someone who’s well-suited to your business needs.


Sometimes providing feedback or expressing disagreement feels like walking on eggshells. Not with me. I value differences of opinion and look challenges in the eye.


I deliver accurate, polished material on schedule. If there’s ever going to be a delay I communicate in advance.

Humor and Relatability

Dry, technical or otherwise unsexy topics can still be described in vibrant, relatable language. While I recognize that humor isn’t appropriate for every topic, a light touch—a human touch—makes your message resonate with your audience.


Like you, I hate being confused by weaselly or unclear language. People often feel overwhelmed by information and deserve clarity. I synchronize complex information, stripping everything down to the essentials and building it back up into stories that inform and entertain. I guard against jargon and use analogies, metaphors and other literary techniques to make challenging concepts simple.