Lead Generating eBooks & Guides - Copywriting for B2B Marketing

Lead generating eBooks and guides

How would you like a steady stream of leads who voluntarily opted in to your marketing and sales pipeline from your website?  

By helping people understand complex challenges, identify opportunities and make better decisions, lead generating guides boost trust and brand recall.  They also bring in email marketing leads, which when harnessed correctly yield an excellent overall ROI.

This is how it works:

  • We first work with you to create a buyer persona exploring the aspirations, challenges and purchasing behavior of your ideal clients.
  • Next, we come up with a topic that speaks to their needs and relates specifically to how you help them.
  • We then write an authoritative, engaging guide that positions you a trusted resource. When people download the guide, they provide their email and a minimal amount of additional info.  This screens out people who are least likely to convert and allows you to follow up at appropriate intervals.
  • The result is that you have an engaged audience, and a marketing asset that’s proven to make money!

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“John is very easy to get along with and work with. He knows when to push me for content, but he also understands how busy his clients can be and he works well independently.”

- Ryan Parks, Marketing Manager