Marketing Foundations Workshop I: Create a One-liner that builds outstanding brand value

A purposeful, clear statement to unify all your marketing


Most businesses struggle to communicate their purpose consistently and in plain English. 

But if you can describe what you’re all about in 17 words while your competitor bludgeons people with a 300-word mission statement, you’ll win more business. It’s that simple.

Shorter and less clichéd than a mission statement, a One-liner is a simple, vibrant statement that establishes a shared purpose with your clients. It’s your true north. I apply a proven framework to help you win clients you love with a strong, enticing first impression.

These common mistakes cost businesses money:

  • Inconsistent, confusing messaging
  • Inadvertent use of jargon
  • Failing to connect with people empathically
  • Failing to define the problem you solve using language your customers use and relate to

This 2 – 3-hour workshop also includes a review of your existing marketing with actionable insights to improve conversions. And it guarantees two things:

  1. You’ll never miss out on an opportunity because your first impression is confusing or dull.
  2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you roll out a new offering.

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Workshop includes supplemental materials and 30 days of as-needed support with implementation.

Too many great businesses are held back by humdrum marketing. Don’t let yours be one of them!

I help entrepreneurs elevate their marketing through storytelling, humor, and clear strategic messaging.