Create a One-liner

A purposeful, clear statement to unify all your marketing

Most businesses lose money because they lack a simple, meaningful, unifying message.

Shorter and less clichéd than a mission statement, a one-liner is a unifying message for all your business communications and marketing. It follows a proven formula that ensures you’ll never miss out on an opportunity because your first impression is confusing or dull.

We help B2B companies and social enterprises achieve greater impact and win high-value clients they love working with by getting their messaging crystal clear and telling unforgettable true stories about their work.

– Garvington Creative’s one-liner

You can use your one-liner on the back of business cards, custom stationery, website copy, email tags and anywhere else it fits.  As long as your business activities don’t fundamentally change, it will be as relevant 5 – 10 years from now as it is today, so you never have to reinvent the wheel.

To create a one-liner, we need 2 – 4 key people from your firm in the room and about 45 minutes of your time.  This may involve a couple of iterations after the meeting, but we’ll get the fundamentals down while we’re all in the room together.

Questions? Set up an initial 15-minute meeting in seconds.

After that, we can schedule a One-liner session or provide you a quote for bundled services that best address your goals.