My philosophy is simple:

  1. Good businesses fulfill not only needs, but dreams. A business is an expression of the values and personalities of the people running it. Intangibles are the true foundation of any business. Businesses that follow through on their promises and keep their clients’ best interests top-of-mind deserve to thrive.
  2. People deserve the truth.¬†All language, written or spoken, either helps or misleads people trying to solve problems, understand issues and satisfy needs. When I create content and help businesses with their strategic messaging, I ensure that it’s reliable and clearly stated.
  3. Stories are stronger than data, and empathy trumps expertise. Our brains literally evolved to make sense of things by creating and interpreting stories. So at Garvington Creative, I really stress the value of storytelling to make your work tangible and memorable. Instead of talking about your IP strategy (lame!) talk about why your client, industry, or cause is important to you. A story that establishes a shared purpose with your stakeholders will create an enduring connection. Tell those stories!

The most impressive data is difficult to remember;

a well-told story is hard to forget.