1-hour website and marketing content review

Too many great businesses lose money because their marketing creates a confusing or boring first impression.  If you feel your website or marketing collateral isn’t quite up to snuff, you’re probably right.  Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between being resigned to the situation or doing a major overhaul.  An outside marketing expert with a fresh perspective can provide insights that you can implement quickly to improve engagement and sales.

In this recorded session, we’ll be identifying quick-win opportunities to ensure that you come across as distinct, memorable, and valuable. These often involve tweaks to your messaging and website layout so you can start earning more without a major redesign.

We follow a proven, disciplined methodology and guarantee that you’ll get fresh insights that can help you grow your business.

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Website copy and wireframing

Do people understand, at first glance, what you do and why they should care?

If people don’t understand what you do within five seconds of visiting your site, it’s costing you money.  Ideally, understanding your value proposition should require zero effort on the part of visitors.  To maximize your success, we’ll use crystal clear, precise language, direct calls to action, and a website layout that will move more visitors to purchase your products and services.

“Noise has killed more ideas, products, and services than taxes, recessions, lawsuits, climbing interest rates, and even inferior product design.”

– Donald Miller, Building a Story Brand

We’ll write the copy and provide a basic layout (wireframe) for a website that’s easy to navigate, captures all that differentiates you, and provides an easy roadmap for doing business with you.  You can then use that wireframe to guide your chosen web developer (or someone in our excellent referral network, at cost) in finalizing design and implementation.

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A purposeful, clear one-liner to unify all your marketing

Most businesses lose money because they lack a simple, meaningful, unifying message.

Shorter and less clichéd than a mission statement, a one-liner is a unifying message for all your business communications and marketing. It follows a proven formula that ensures you’ll never miss out on an opportunity because your first impression is confusing or dull.

We help B2B companies and social enterprises achieve greater impact and win high-value clients they love working with by getting their messaging crystal clear and telling unforgettable true stories about their work.  

– Garvington Creative’s one-liner

You can use your one-liner on the back of business cards, custom stationery, website copy, email tags and anywhere else it fits.  As long as your business activities don’t fundamentally change, it will be as relevant 5 – 10 years from now as it is today, so you never have to reinvent the wheel.

To create a one-liner, we need 2 – 4 key people from your firm in the room and about 45 minutes of your time.  This may involve a couple of iterations after the meeting, but we’ll get the fundamentals down while we’re all in the room together.

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Company Profiles, BrandScripts, and BrandScript Critiques

Every firm stands to benefit from a simple script that explains its purpose, the way it acquires clients and what clients stand to lose by not working with them.  The script is a half-page spiel that incorporates all the elements of business storytelling to explain what you do more fully.  Those elements include:

  • The Character (those you do business with or aspire to do business with)
  • The Problem (the overarching challenge you help people overcome)
  • A Guide (you—a competent, empathetic guide)
  • The Plan (a roadmap with a clear sequence for doing business with you)
  • A Call to Action (a clear first step embedded in the site)
  • Success (a visualization of a successful resolution or outcome)
  • Failure (an alternative that restates what’s at stake)

Like the one-liner, your Brand Script provides direction internally and can be repurposed in a variety of ways: The About page of your website, collateral for trade shows, LinkedIn profile statements, and internal marketing to provide direction and clarity.  Once the foundation is in place, We’ll help you with implementation, because at the end of the day it should have practical value.

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Storified marketing and client profiles to make your impact tangible and memorable

The most impressive data is difficult to remember; a well-told story is hard to forget.  No matter how impactful your work is, if the case studies on your site read like press releases or academic papers, people won’t remember them.

[Blog]: The Illuminating Power of Stories

At Garvington Creative we tell the stories behind the numbers, interviewing people who ultimately benefit from your services.  Stories with empathic characters and emotional dynamics bring readers to the ground level.  By viewing the world through another set of eyes (instead of from an analytical perspective), potential clients can fully appreciate your work.

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Video Scripts to compellingly showcase your value to clients

All too often, good videos are undermined by bad scripts.  Before you spend half your marketing budget filming a video, make sure the script is clear and engaging.  We write video scripts tailored to your audience and goals.  You’ll benefit from a memorable, authentic image, and people will understand exactly what you do and why it matters.

Already have a script but not sure you’re in love with it?  We also do video script critiques.  These are fun and can save you from wasting time and money on something that doesn’t “stick.”

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Email marketing campaigns

If prospective clients don’t remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase, it doesn’t matter whether they like you. 

The right email, at the right time, is still something people will appreciate and act on.  Even today?  Oui!  According to HubSpot, email marketing has a ROI of 4300%.  That’s a $43 return on every dollar spent!

Promote new services, product lines and time-limited offers with interesting content and clear calls to action.

Lead generating eBooks and guides

How would you like a steady stream of leads who voluntarily opted in to your marketing and sales pipeline from your website?  

By helping people understand complex challenges, identify opportunities and make better decisions, lead generating guides boost trust and brand recall.  They also bring in email marketing leads, which when harnessed correctly yield an excellent overall ROI.

This is how it works:

  • We first work with you to create a buyer persona exploring the aspirations, challenges and purchasing behavior of your ideal clients.
  • Next, we come up with a topic that speaks to their needs and relates specifically to how you help them.
  • We then write an authoritative, engaging guide that positions you a trusted resource. When people download the guide, they provide their email and a minimal amount of additional info.  This screens out people who are least likely to become clients and allows you to follow up at polite intervals.
  • The result is that you have an engaged audience, and a marketing asset that’s proven to make money!

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