1-hour website and marketing content review

Do you ever wonder if your marketing makes people go cross-eyed?

Sometimes fixing your marketing doesn’t require a major plan that takes months to roll out.  Sometimes it just requires an hour with an outside expert.  Click here for a full description.

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Websites that convert

If people don’t understand what you do within five seconds of visiting your site, it’s costing you money. 

To maximize your success, we’ll use crystal clear, precise language, direct calls to action, and an easy to navigate website blueprint (a.k.a., wireframe).

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“I just feel like you’re a sure thing. If someone hires you, they’ll get what they need.”

- Angel Kwiatkowski, Founder and Community Cultivator

Marketing Foundations workshop

What actually makes you tick? Too many great businesses fail because they lack a clear, unifying message for their marketing.

A One-liner is a simple, vibrant statement that establishes a shared purpose with your clients. That’s the first step to creating an enduring connection. A solid One-liner ensures two things:

  1. You’ll never miss out on an opportunity because your first impression is confusing or dull.
  2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you roll out a new offering.

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StoryBrand Your Marketing Strategy

50% of branding is communicating a shared purpose with your clients. 50% of marketing is communicating what’s at stake and pointing them towards a resolution.

What inspires you that also inspires your clients? What gets them out of bed in the morning? What dreams and frustrations do you share?

By addressing these questions in plain English, your BrandScript (based on the StoryBrand 7-Part Marketing Framework) gives you a powerful foundation few companies have: A succinct, enticing messaging strategy for all your branding, website and marketing — as well as internal focus and clarity.

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Client profiles, blogs, and lead-generating guides that distinguish you and move readers

The most impressive data is difficult to remember; a well-told story is hard to forget. 

I create valuable content and tell the stories behind the numbers so potential clients can fully appreciate your expertise and impact.

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Video Scripts to compellingly showcase your value and communicate your purpose

All too often, good videos are undermined by bad scripts.

I write video scripts tailored to your audience and goals.

Already have a script but not sure you’re in love with it?  I also do video script critiques.

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Email marketing campaigns

If prospective clients don’t remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase, it doesn’t matter whether they like you. 

Promote new services, product lines and time-limited offers with interesting content and clear calls to action.

Lead generating eBooks and guides

How would you like a steady stream of leads who voluntarily opted in to your marketing and sales pipeline from your website?  

By helping people understand complex challenges and make better decisions, lead generating guides boost trust and brand recall.  They also bring in high-quality leads.

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