“Storytelling is an undervalued and underused art in the world of business”

– A. Osterwalder and Y. Pigneur,
Business Model Generation

Business Profiles | Web Copy | Biographical Statements

Regardless of your industry, you need a website with polished writing. Also regardless of industry, your company and work can be described using vibrant, relatable language. Whether you need help with your “About” page, describing your services, telling your brand’s story or even your LinkedIn bio, I’m here to help you make a strong, clear first impression.

One of my specialties is writing about technical topics for non-technical audiences. I guard against jargon and use analogies, metaphors and other literary techniques to make challenging concepts simple.

Bring clarity to your marketing.

Content Marketing

Traditional advertising doesn’t cut it anymore for many audiences, especially younger consumers who are wary of having brands and products pushed on them. Good content marketing, on the other hand, provides people with information they’re actually seeking out. It is helpful, authentic and often entertaining. It isn’t explicitly self-promoting. By creating credibility and trust, a well-written blog, native content or “advertorials” in magazines, white papers and ebooks bring prospective clients within your circle of influence. You become their go-to problem solver.

Another advantage of content marketing over traditional advertising is the ease of measuring ROI using tools like Google Analytics. You’ll have a high degree of oversight on my work’s performance and we can tweak campaigns using real-time data to deliver plenty of bang for your buck.

Make your marketing personable.


“Effective persuasion relies on telling a good story. If we can put our ideas into narrative form, it helps your audience understand the world better, giving them a common set of references and, ultimately, is more likely to encourage them to support your point of view.”​

– Carmine Gallo, The Storyteller’s Secret

Stories are wonderful. They can inspire, amuse, educate and even cause people to question long-held assumptions. And people’s decisions are driven less by logic and more by stories than they realize.

Stories make products, brands and causes tangible. A well-told customer story, for instance, can be more valuable than a thousand data points proving that you’re great. That human touch makes you memorable and relatable.

Put storytelling in your marketing.

Coaching | Remedial Writing Support

According to author and technology analyst Josh Bernoff, bad writing costs American corporations nearly $400 billion a year. Whatever size your business, shoddy writing can be a drain on your most precious resource—time. If you’re trying to improve your company’s internal and external communications, you’ve come to the right place.

Alternatively, are you a student or aspiring writer? I’m here to help you write more effectively, better manage your time and get in front of more readers).

Because I love this part of my job I offer a discount for students and aspiring professionals at the outset their writing journey. Let’s talk.

Improve your writing.

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